As an eco-responsible supplier, we offer you a range of ethical and ecological products that allow you to …

Reduce your negative ecological footprint

Reduction of greenhouse gases by procuring our bags and other items in recovered fabrics. The scraps and ends of rolls used in the making of our bags were destined for landfills. We intercepted them, revalorized them and turned them into nice, practical and ecological articles!

Contribute to the growth of the regional economy

Promotional items and gifts that you will find in our virtual store are designed and manufactured in Quebec. We encourage the creativity and know-how of local businesses and artisans.

Increase the positive impact of your choice of consumption

Reusable bags, clutches, business card holders and other recovered fabric products are made by the personnel of a social enterprise. Organic and fair trade coffee is bagged and distributed by a suitable company, the majority of whom are people with disabilities.

Create a “Wow” effect

You will distinguish yourself from your peers by purchasing our bags and other textile products often unique or available in limited edition. Indeed, the use of scrap and end of rolls allows us to offer exclusive products because they are made of fabrics available at the time of picking.