The world is aware of the climate change and problems we’re facing currently and the problems we will face in a few years from now. Long gone are the days when using highly energy-intensive materials and construction techniques were considered as a status symbol. Today, the more climate responsive a building is,more are the number of accolades it deserves and gets. The longer the lifespan of a building, the scope and responsibility for being environmentally responsible increases. A structure which doesn’t harm the environment directly contributes to our well- being as well and it’s about time we realised that. Here’s 8 pointers which make eco-friendly construction the better alternative.

Energy Efficiency

With the rate at which are non-renewable resources are being depleted,it’s high time that we become active and start living energy efficiently. Designing in such a way that we capitalize on solar energy and design windows to reduce use of artificial lighting are a must today.

Water Efficiency

It is our duty to make arrangements so that we use our water resources responsibly in order to save enough clean water for our future generations. Using green buildings,we can find ways of using alternative sources of water such as rainwater so we don’t exhaust the shared sources.


Better Health

Eco-friendly construction is devoid of usage of any plastic by-products and plastic itself. You get to live in a building which doesn’t use any carcinogens so breathing problems don’t arise. It is the key to better living.

Reduction of strain on local

Green buildings use latest technology which work to make our water and energy usage more efficient. They work in a way that makes them not run out quickly.

Better Environment resources

We all should work in overdrive to reduce the factors which are speeding up climate change like increased levels of Carbon Dioxide emissions. If it’s worth mentioning in a long overdue Oscar speech, we might as well build green and follow it.

Low maintenance and Operation Cost

Green buildings make use of technological advancements of today’s day and age to make sure our energy usage footprint gets shorter. Task lighting and incorporating sun’s energy makes power usage of our homes less and reduces expenses too. Construction of a green building might be a bit more expensive but it pays its dividends in the long run, both monetarily and for the Earth.